We plan to build Ormes utilizing a mix of private investor funding and bank loans.  Our goal is to sell 40% of Ormes to raise $30M towards the initial construction.  We plan to sell 400 shares each worth 0.1% of the company at $75,000.  Conservative ROI estimates are 16%.  While we wait for out Master Plan and Operating Permit with the Forest Service to be approved we are not soliciting investors.  But, if you are interested in becoming an investor, contact us at to join our potential investors list and not miss out.  In the mean time help us Crowd Fund Ormes Peak!

Ilana Jesse, President Eric Jesse, Operations
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An experienced entrepreneur, Ilana is a UCLA graduate. She has years of experience with healthcare business startups.  In 2011, pursuing her passion for the outdoors, she launched her own business, a successful climbing website. Now, as a sponsored climber and snowboarder, and successful businesswoman, she is 100% committed to her dream of bringing Ormes Peak to fruition, bringing skiing home to Colorado Springs. A business operations specialist, Eric holds a doctorate in Policy Analysis from RAND and is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. He has worked as an operations and policy analyst, serving at multiple command headquarters in the military to include the International Security and Assistance Force Headquarters Afghanistan, HQ USAF Europe, and HQ USAF Africa. Having skied Ormes Peak regularly since 2004, he knows what is possible and is excited to share this amazing peak with others.